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We primarily operate in the fields of education, facilitating and coaching professional training for any industry, and software development.

TRAINING LABS runs professional training and education programs to cater to the most demanding needs of the industry. We recognize current human resource requirements in different areas of the business and invented teaching and training programs to build the most relevant skillsets within the community.

We serve all the types of employees from interns, trainees, and apprentices to managers and leads of organizations. Every job demands a certain discipline and set of skills to better fit into the role and to the organization. We have recognized the lack of methods to improve the skills and knowledge within the workforce and created training programs to cater to this need. We believe in good work ethics, the right attitude, and the interpersonal values that any employee should develop within themselves to support their knowledge and skills to create a strong profile that is well accepted by the industry.

TECH LABS is the technology arm of FUTURE LABS that works in developing software products and services. Vertual simulation, Machine learning, and Data analytics are the main services we provide to our clients.